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Our main goal is education and forming of professional staffs in the field of robotics

The Foundation for innovation, technology and knowledge transfer established the cooperation with the DKR – German Center for Robotics which was started as a project, supported and co-financed by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development – BMZ.

Main goal of the cooperation is education (training and retraining) and forming of professional staffs in the field of robotics, where diverse services on different levels will be offered and which are adjusted to the needs of the users, on the newest systems of KUKA and ABB.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, students from various universities and faculties meet with a lack of opportunities for practical application of acquired knowledge, especially when it comes to automation and robotics, as the growing economic need. The reason for this lies in the emphasis on theoretical study frameworks, the insufficient infrastructure of the higher education institutions itself, and the lack of Know-how. As automation and robotics are introduced into all spheres of production processes, the necessity of adequate education is increasing. Practical experience, as well as encounter with possible work environment, through the realization of this project, helped students to improve their personal competencies, which would help them to enter the labor market more easily.

From all the above, it follows that the goal of this project is the education of students enrolled in technical faculties throughout Western Balkan. Networking will enable the creation of innovative ideas that can greatly improve the economy in BiH an region.



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