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CoCreate Europe

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CoCreate Europe

For a new awakening, Europe needs an IMPULSE!

For a new awakening, Europe needs an impulse. The Economy, administration and education act as motors for a peaceful development and prosperity. A powerful and networked economy enables Europe to form a unity and to bring the organization, cities and countries together.

Transcultural collaboration starts between humans.

People in Bosnia and Herzegovina need adequate opportunities for acquiring professional skills, ready to launch, to run them successfully on the domestic and international markets.

Co-Create Europe is a project that aims to connect the Bosnian-Herzegovinian experience and knowledge with German experience and knowledge in the DKR German Robotics Center based in Tuzla.

The idea is to educate technically educated people living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as educating people who have completed certain technical faculties.

Companies from Europe can upskill their staff through content related trainings combined with an intercultural experience. Munich companies who dispatch their employees for an advanced training to Tuzla enable through each participant in our tandem program a similar apprenticeship to a trainee in Bosnia. Resulting out of this is a strong networking partnership which leads to a transcultural surplus.

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