Cee Freiraum

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Cee Freiraum


Through CEE FREIRAUM project young startups will have an opportunity to get sufficient knowledge and skills about foreign market entry. Throughout this project candidates will get professional support, monitoring and assistance in developing their business plans and ideas.

They´ll have a chance to get a support from international investors and big companies all around the world as well as opportunity to present ideas and startups in the biggest summits in Europe and the World.

We´re following young startups and innovation. The goal is to find the right startups, technologies, and trends relevant to the international market, investors and companies.

We’re working to improve awareness and understanding of what makes startup´s accelerators successful, as well as directly supporting great ideas, startups, innovation and specific programs. Through this process specific incubators and universities will be supported.

FITT has come to its establishment as a result of socio-economic and political needs in Tuzla and Tuzla Canton. In struggle to reconcile political demands and economic ones, FITT has developed several programs and is currently implementing projects with young people and students to raise awareness on the importance of their participation in decision making processes on local, regional and national level, not excluding wider level, which aim at creating possibilities for young people to take part in social and technological innovation that Industry 4.0 is bringing with. To bridge the gap between practice and theory, all important activities are implemented in the Center for Robotics which is the first center of this kind in the region of Western Balkans.