Introduction of Industry 4.0 in Bosnia and Herzegovina through knowledge

18 months of project activities


Lego Mindstorms, mBot, KUKA Lego Robotics, Arduino, KUKA and FANUC Industrial Robotics and PLC trainings

Hands-on training

Anticipated Results


Raise awareness of the importance of education and technical sciences


Reduction of the unemployment rate, especially of young people


Motivate young people to enter and pursue technological sciences

Project Objectives


Educate 100 young people, students and unemployed in state-of-the-art technology training


Raise awareness about innovation and digitalization for the economic development


Create an innovative and out-of-the-box mindset for 100 project participants

Project “Introduction of Industry 4.0 in Bosnia and Herzegovina through knowledge” aims to raise awareness and knowledge about the importance and advantages of Industry 4.0 as a factor in the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The projected duration of the project was eighteen months, during which numerous activities were implemented:

– Lego Mindstorms and mBot training for elementary students

– KUKA Lego Robotics and Arduino training for high school students

– KUKA and FANUC Industrial Robotics training for students

– Robotics, PLC and CNC training for women

– Robotics, PLC and CNC training for unemployed

FITT has come to its establishment as a result of socio-economic and political needs in Tuzla and Tuzla Canton. In struggle to reconcile political demands and economic ones, FITT has developed several programs and is currently implementing projects with young people and students to raise awareness on the importance of their participation in decision making processes on local, regional and national level, not excluding wider level, which aim at creating possibilities for young people to take part in social and technological innovation that Industry 4.0 is bringing with. To bridge the gap between practice and theory, all important activities are implemented in the Center for Robotics which is the first center of this kind in the region of Western Balkans.