Leaders of Social & Technology innovation

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Leaders of Social & Technology innovation


Foundation for innovation, of technology and knowledge transfer in cooperation with the Center for Social Work, by the end of 2018 will realize project training activities in the field of programming the latest industrial KUKA and ABB robots as well as business skills. The project “Leaders of Social and Technological Innovation within Industry 4.0” aims at acquisition of skills within Robotics and Mechatronics by young people coming from Center for Social Work and Home for Children with no parental care.

Since robotization became present in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is considered that knowledge in this area is faster and easier to open the way for employment.

Participants can take part in free courses at the 3rd grade of high school (machine- and electrical school) and natural-mathematics, computer, machine and electrotechnical faculty students.

Operating robot Basic is an entry level course who is intended for candidates who don’t have any knowledge or skills in the field of robotics. Candidates who successfully complete the BASIC course will be competent to independently operate industrial robots, calibrate robots, create control programs based of command forms, as well as editing of existing programs. At the end of the project, candidates will receive a DKR certificate.

Trainings and education will take place on a pre-arranged schedule and will last 4h every 15 days in the premises of the DKR German Robotics Center in Tuzla. Also, candidates will have the opportunity to actively participate in two Open Space Events, where the benefits of starting their own business will be presented.

The project “Leaders of Social and Technological Innovation within Industry 4.0” is co-funded by the Kinderperspectief Foundation from Holland.

FITT has come to its establishment as a result of socio-economic and political needs in Tuzla and Tuzla Canton. In struggle to reconcile political demands and economic ones, FITT has developed several programs and is currently implementing projects with young people and students to raise awareness on the importance of their participation in decision making processes on local, regional and national level, not excluding wider level, which aim at creating possibilities for young people to take part in social and technological innovation that Industry 4.0 is bringing with. To bridge the gap between practice and theory, all important activities are implemented in the Center for Robotics which is the first center of this kind in the region of Western Balkans.