After eight months of successful implementation of the project “Social and Technological Innovation Leaders  within Industry 4.0”, we can proudly say that the last workshop of this project was completed. The aim of the project was to enable young people who live or lived in the Home for Children without Parental Care to acquire skills in the field of robotics. In addition to acquiring skills of practical nature – programming and commissioning of robots, the target group has undergone intensive training in the field of soft skills – and these candidates strengthened their competences in the field of management without using power, teamwork, presentation skills,

In addition to training, candidates had opportunity to take part in the Innovation Cafe at the German Robot Center and have had the opportunity to see the way of presenting ideas at a large number of auditoriums. The purpose of FITT was to awaken participants in the direction of self-employment and to relieve them of being proactive and encouraging them to work on their own ideas.

They also had the opportunity to attend the first week of engineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to attend lectures by eminent professors and businessmen, to participate in networking and to get acquainted with the companies they exhibited.

Particularly, we need to distinguish a sense of affinity between the candidates, who build trust and friendship besides the acquired skills.