The FITT-Foundation for Innovation, Technology and Knowledge Transfer is always happy to support youth in their professional development and to help them gain knowledge and experience through networking and partnership development with educational and social responsible institutions.

With this being said, on Monday, November 8, 2021, at the premises of the ITT Foundation, 11 scholars of the Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation were given the opportunity to attended and successfully complete a KUKA BASIC training in automation and robotics and to master robot programming and understand the use of robots directly in industry.

The training was implemented in cooperation with the DKR German Center for Robotics in Tuzla and the participants were able to attend presentations of experts in the field of robotics. As a result of this mutual cooperation, the scholars attended hands-on trainings and were amazed to work on real robots in a real life industry environment.

The vision and mission of the FITT Foundation is to empower young people, to create new better paid jobs and to help youth to succeed even in an unfavorable business atmosphere. We do so, by giving youth the right tools and teaching them how to use these.

This training will help the students to respond more effectively to the needs of the market and their communities and make the job search much easier.

The FITT Foundation believes that our contribution to youth education will leave a mark and change their mindset to outbalance the biggest barriers that prevent them from making the most of their lives. This education is surely one step in the right direction.