Dear readers, Welcome to the DanubePeerChains Press release!

In this edition of the Press release you will find general information about the project DanubePeerChains in order to introduce the mentioned project to the public, and to inform public about the main objective of the project.

DanubePeerChains is a project implemented under the INTERREG Danube Transnational Programme, within programme priority 1, and within programme priority specific objective SO 1.2 Increase competences for business and social innovation.

DanubePeerChains addresses the European strategy for the Danube Region EUSDR mainly with reference to Priority Areas 8 and 9.


  • The project partners recognized challenges caused by digital transformation in the industry and related changes in business models and value chains have tremendous impact on the Danube region countries, particularly on the regional labour markets and the development of human resource qualifications. While in the advanced Danube countries a lack of digital competences threatens innovative SMEs and start-ups by limiting their chances for scale-up and internationalisation, in less developed countries the need for catching up in digital qualification of work force and their employing companies is urgent and crucial for economic development.
  • The main objective of the project DanubePeerChains, therefore, is to empower Labour market Support Organizations (LSO) and Business Support Organizations (BSO) together with their target groups and further local high-potentials (entrepreneurs, SME employees, digitalisation specialists) in a joint capacity building and training approach to upskill to high-qualified jobs in the Danube region and  to gain sustainable recognition as PEER-level collaboration partners in innovative  transnational value chains.