Masterwerk GmbH whit headquarters in Munich, founder of German Center for Robotics in Tuzla, celebrated its tenth birthday! We celebrated this jubilee in best way we know how, sharing our happiness with others. We decided to bring joy to children from the Public Institution “Education for the upbringing and education of people with disabilities” and in agreement with the director Damir Muratović, teachers and children selected a classroom that was to be renovated.

Thirty employees, March 9, 2019. entered the classroom and renovated it for friends from the Institute.

In this classroom, they spend two classes with their teachers in the conditions, where the ceiling was covered with the old laminate, the roof leaked in one part, the floor was in poor condition, the furniture was deterioted. This was a challenge for Masterwerk team to restore shine in one day and make it as comfortable as possible for staying children.

This project was also an opportunity for Masterwerk’s employees to get to know each other and feel the strength of a joint effort. Our award is a smile on the faces of children and their parents.

We believe that other socially responsible companies will start our own way and through the Team Building make happy those who need it most.