The aim of launching the CEE Freiraum project is to capture and educate young startup companies from B&H and the region to bring their innovative ideas to the international market. Under the mentorship of experts from the field of entrepreneurship, knowledge transfer and education, new business ideas and business models are being developed.

They will have the opportunity to attend and participate in various seminars, workshops, conferences, which will enable direct communication with other business actors from BiH and the region as well as Europe in general.

Financial support will be guaranteed for the best and most innovative startups. They get the opportunity to present their innovative ideas to the world’s largest companies in terms of participating in international events such as the MUST Summit 2019.

With the activities of CEE Freiraum we want to support and intensify cooperation with incubators and universities in Western Balkans region, bringing together young educated people, innovators and giving them the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality.

Project initiators are the German Center for Robotics DKR and the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, based in Munich, which is also considered as one of the leading Centers for Entrepreneurship Development as well in Germany as in Europe. Implementation of CEE Freiraum is in the jurisdiction of FITT.